Here’s What the Guy From the ‘Bad Luck Brian’ Meme Is Doing Now

When something bad happens to you, you either cry, get angry, or share the Bad Luck Brian meme. People around the world recognize the signature sweater vest, strawberry blonde hair, and braces. The Bad Luck Brian image is usually used to describe an unfortunate series of events. Find out where this legend is today!

Bad Luck Brian

How the Meme Was Born

Brian, who has been through so much, doesn’t actually exist. This is an actual image of Kyle Craven from Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio. He was in his 20s when a friend shared his old school photo on Reddit. This is how the iconic meme was born. With social media, the image quickly went viral.

Despite the ironic feel of the image, Kyle says that this wasn’t how he actually looked in his everyday life. He was known as the class clown and wanted to take a memorable school picture. This is why he went to a thrift shop to buy the now-iconic sweater vest. He rubbed his face to make it red on purpose and then pulled a big smile for the camera. The picture didn’t make it into the yearbook, but he scanned it anyway to ensure it wouldn’t be lost forever.

How Kyle Changed Throughout the Years

Here’s What the Guy From the 'Bad Luck Brian' Meme Is Doing Now
How Kyle Changed Throughout the Years

Now, you may be wondering what’s happening in Kyle’s life. He no longer has braces, and he is currently working as Vice President at Craven Construction Company after finishing college with a Construction Management degree. He has also adopted a dog and got married.

Unlike his meme, Kyle says he actually has “great luck,” and we’re not surprised when looking at his success. He holds no regrets for the meme and considers Bad Luck Brian a “blessing.” He said, “I’ve had an extremely charmed life, and I am the luckiest guy I know.”