All Your Gift-Wrapping Hassles Solved — Pro Tricks Make it Easy and Stress-Free

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Gift-wrapping can be time-consuming and irritating, especially if you’re not on the crafty side. The good news is that you don’t have to be a pro to make gifts look beautiful. Today, we’ll share some tips and tricks on how to wrap different types of gifts. Sure, the holiday season may be over, but there are always birthdays where you can practice your skills to prepare for the next holiday season!

Too Big or Too Little Paper

If you’ve gone big on the Christmas gifts physically speaking, you don’t have to waste the entire roll of gift-wrapping paper. All you need is a festive-looking tablecloth, found pretty much in any store. Tie a pretty ribbon around it, and the mega-sized gift will look amazing.

If the amount of wrapping paper is not enough to fully wrap the gift, leave the open space in the middle of the box and cover it with a wide ribbon or a larger piece of paper. Then, tie a ribbon around it. The different colors and patterns will blend seamlessly.

No More Paper or Tape

If you’re panicking because there’s no more wrapping paper to be found, consider the Furoshiki gift-wrapping method. In Japan, people often use cloth to wrap their gifts. You can take any cloth or blanket and put the gift inside. The best thing about this is that if you use a blanket or a scarf, it will be like gifting two things in one.

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Similarly, if you’re in the middle of gift-wrapping and realize that you’ve run out of tape, simply look around your home to find something sticky, like stickers or packing tape. It will definitely do the job and make the gift look unique.

Tiny Gifts and Gift Cards

If your gifts are on the smaller side, you can make a mini gift box using toilet paper tubes. Just fold in one end so that it closes, put the present inside, close the other end, and secure it with tape. Then, you can get creative and paint the “box” or put a ribbon around it.

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Gift cards are a great gift idea when you’re not sure what to buy. But if you want to add a surprise element, simply put the gift card in a giant box surrounded by lots of tissue paper.