Kate Middleton’s Hair Secret Is Dividing TikTok

Reddit // u/nodietpepsiisnotok

We all know that Kate Middleton’s looks are always on point, whether smart or casual. But what products does she use on her hair to make it always look flawless? A professional hairstylist had a theory about the princess’s hair, but some social media users didn’t quite agree with her. Let’s take a look!

Kate Middleton’s Hair Controversy

Kate Middleton’s bouncy waves are to die for. As someone who is always under the spotlight, she always shows up in elegant ensembles, beautiful natural makeup, and perfectly styled hair. But what’s the secret behind it, apart from having professional hairstylists? As usual, TikTok knows it all.

A hairstylist called Bekah recorded a video claiming that the Princess of Wales uses a lot of hairspray to keep her waves in place. She even showed a clip of Kate Middleton on a windy day, stating that her side pieces don’t move at all, and that’s all thanks to a generous amount of hairspray.

How People Responded

As the hairspray trick hasn’t yet been confirmed, some people had different theories in the comments under the video. Many of them thought that Kate wore a wig or some type of hair extensions that might have also been sprayed. One person even said that she wears them all the time, and many people agreed with them.

Reddit // u/Sorry_Description_29

Other social media users thought she was wearing a halo, which is a popular brand for hairpieces. It seems unlikely that Kate Middleton would wear clip-in hair that everyone can purchase online, but who knows? Bekah’s video had about 3 million views, more than the views on the rest of her videos, where she also discusses hair controversies. In conclusion, no matter what Kate’s secret is, she will always look incredible.