A Picture of a Massively Oversize Banana Is Breaking the Internet

The surfacing of a picture of a giant banana has broken the internet with its incredible size. The behemoth fruit has been going around social media for a while now and racked up thousands of likes from admirers. In fact, it has been viewed by millions from all around the world, causing wonder and envy.

A Truly Behemoth Banana

The banana in question would dwarf any hands trying to grab it, and the fact that bananas are classed as berries also makes it one of the biggest berries ever. While it is not known where the banana originated from, some have speculated what kind it might be. One suggestion is that it is a plantain. This is a type that grows starchier, less sweet fruits that are sometimes called green bananas. Those are grown in South and Central America, Asia, and Africa.

Another good guess is that this banana belongs to the Bluggoe variety. This is a variety that produces huge, straight fruits like the one in question. It also has a starchy texture, and although it can be consumed raw, it is often cooked in Thailand, Burma, East Africa, and southern India. Considering the reaction on social media, it seems there would be plenty of people who would gladly eat this particular fruit raw.

There Are Other Giant Bananas

Despite the size of this banana, there is another variety that is known as the biggest banana out there. This is namely the giant highland banana, which is native to New Guinea and its tropical montane forests. According to Guinness World Records, its trunk regularly reaches heights of 15 meters, and the fruit is just as impressive.

Naturally, the latest big banana sensation caused many different comments online. Some people wanted to eat the whole thing, saying they would stuff their face in it and eat it like it was cake. Others said they could probably make a lot of banana bread with that single fruit.