The Parents of Two Sets of Identical Twins Say They Are Doing Great

Britney and Frankie Alba were the parents of two sons, Luka and Levi, when they welcomed twin daughters, Lydia and Lynlee, in August 2022. The two pairs of twins were born 13 months apart, and their parents gave an interview to answer some interesting questions. When asked how they were doing with parenthood, Britney said it was great.

Parents to Two Sets of Twins

Britney and Frankie reside in Alabama and have acknowledged that their unique experience of raising children can present difficulties at times. Throughout the discussion, Britney held their four-month-old daughters as they slept while their 18-month-old sons initially sat on their father’s lap. However, it wasn’t long before the boys became curious and began to venture around the area, eventually even leaving the set.

The couple revealed that they discovered they were expecting another child six months after the arrival of their sons. Initially, they believed that they were only going to have one more child, and the 27-year-old elementary school teacher expressed that they could handle another. However, when they were informed that they were having twins again, they didn’t take it seriously and laughed, assuming that the ultrasound technician was joking. She recounted the moment, stating that the technician confirmed that there were indeed two babies.

Parenting Twins Is Challenging

Apart from being pregnant with twins for the second time, the girls were identified as “MoMo” twins, indicating that they shared a placenta and amniotic sac. This type of birth accounts for less than one percent of all births in the United States and poses an elevated risk for complications. As a result, Britney was admitted to the hospital at 25 weeks pregnant. She shared that she would anxiously await the monitoring of the twins’ heart rates multiple times a day, fearing that they might not hear two heartbeats. Despite the fear, she expressed gratitude for receiving exceptional care.

Regarding the names of the two sets of twins, which all start with the same letter, Britney shared that after naming their sons Levi and Luka, they decided to continue the trend. She also mentioned that they particularly liked the name Lydia. Additionally, she explained that the name Lynlee was inspired by one of her close friends.