This Couple Threw Multiple Western-Inspired Pre-Wedding Events at a Wyoming Ranch

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Hutton Phillips and Robert Cooney’s love story is a heartwarming tale of a childhood connection that blossomed into a lifelong bond. These two kindred spirits first crossed paths as children at a summer camp in Maine, where they exchanged love letters. Their connection was undeniable even at such a young age, and they knew they had something special. Still, they probably didn’t suspect it would culminate in a beautiful wedding.

A Beautiful Wedding

Fast forward to 2013, when Hutton and Bobby reconnected in Chicago. It was as if no time had passed, and their comfort in each other’s presence remained as strong as it was that first summer at camp. The couple’s journey led to a breathtaking engagement in December 2020 during a trip to Aspen, Colorado. On a snowmobile tour, Bobby got down on one knee and proposed to a stunned Hutton. The surprise continued when they returned to their holiday home, where family and friends had gathered to celebrate their newfound engagement.

Their wedding planning adventure took an unexpected turn when their original venue fell through. However, their wedding planner came to the rescue with a list of potential locations, and Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming, captured their hearts. The expansive venue perfectly fit their vision of a weekend-long celebration where their families and friends could bond and make lasting memories.

Rehearsal Dinners and Barbecues

Before their wedding day, Hutton and Bobby hosted multiple pre-wedding events that set the stage for their magical celebration. The first of these events was the rehearsal dinner, held in a sprawling field overlooking majestic mountain peaks. The dinner was an intimate gathering in an unexpected location, featuring a banquet table and a baby grand piano amidst the rustic wilderness. Guests were treated to a five-course tasting menu prepared on-site and a botanical setup.

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While the wedding party and immediate family enjoyed the rehearsal dinner, the rest of the guests had a blast at a creekside barbecue. The Western-inspired décor and wooden furniture set a casual and approachable atmosphere for this lively gathering. Activities included archery, cornhole, horseshoes, ax throwing, and dancing to a bluegrass band.

Campfires and Welcome Parties

The pre-wedding events continued with a campfire at sunset, a nod to the couple’s shared history of meeting at summer camp as kids. Guests roasted monogrammed marshmallows and enjoyed a sing-along, surrounded by a rustic setting that held sentimental value for Hutton and Bobby. The final pre-wedding event, the welcome party, also embraced the Western camp theme. Guests dressed in their best Western attire, and Hutton and Bobby also joined the fun. The couple’s outfits complemented the theme and included a variety of Western elements.

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The décor featured Western textiles, including leather, cowhide, suede, wood, and plaid, which further brought the couple’s vision to life. The night concluded with a memorable performance by country singer Charley Jenkins, and the festivities continued at the saloon. Hutton and Bobby, along with their loved ones, played pool and made cherished memories.