Sydney Sweeney ‘Scared’ Hosting SNL But Had ‘So Much Fun’

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In a recent interview, actress Sydney Sweeney shared that she had a lot of fun hosting Saturday Night Live. She also said that the experience was rather scary, but it was something she very much wanted to do. Apparently, she wanted to do it because she believed it was important to do scary things, and hosting SNL felt challenging and terrifying.

Sydney Sweeney Was Scared to Host SNL

Sydney shared that her mouth dried up during the show, and she would get panic attacks just thinking of it. The actress learned how to face and conquer her fears in her youth, however. She shared a story from when she was 14 and doing a test for a recurring TV role, where there were more than two people in the room, and that scared her enough to forget her lines.

According to her, she apologized profusely and asked to leave, after which she learned that it was okay to be nervous and how to turn that energy into excitement. She said that she hoped she would get the chance to host SNL again and would be better prepared next time. The actress also shared her impression of the SNL team, praising everyone and calling them a great group of people.

Sweeney Had Fun Hosting

When she hosted the show, Sweeney poked fun at rumors about an affair she was allegedly having with Glen Powell, her co-star from the movie Anyone But You. She also pointed out that these rumors were false and that her fiancé was the man of her dreams.

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Still, fans of the two shouldn’t be completely disappointed because Sweeney and Powell are reportedly already thinking of ideas for a sequel to the successful movie. Despite that, it will be some time before anything concrete is decided.

Suits Star Shares Update on Spin-Off After Series Had Huge Resurgence on Netflix

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Five years after the end of its ninth and final season, the beloved series Suits has resurged in popularity on Netflix. Thanks to this new interest, the show may not be ready to retire yet. The legal drama focuses on Mike Ross’s journey through a prestigious law firm. Now, the show has garnered over 3 billion minutes watched weekly on the streaming platform, dominating the charts.

Suits May Return for Another Season

With the new interest in Suits, a new generation of fans has been attracted to the show. While its heartwarming ending in 2019 left fans satisfied, there is now speculation about a potential comeback. It seems that many fans, both new and old, are eager to revisit the characters five years after the finale.

By the end of the series—spoiler alert!—Louis and Sheila tied the knot and welcomed a baby, and Harvey and Donna got engaged with a shotgun wedding. Meanwhile, Mike and Rachel started a new life in Seattle with their law firm to look after.

The Actors Seem Ready to Return

The actor behind Mike Ross, Patrick J. Adams, has expressed his excitement at the show’s new popularity. He acknowledged the honor given to everyone who worked on Suits with this second life on Netflix. He seems to not only appreciate the new fans but share their sentiment of wanting to see the characters in action again.

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When expressing his interest in revisiting the show, he particularly mentioned Meghan Markle, saying she was a fantastic actress and going so far as to say that the industry would be lucky to have her back. Now, this is not surprising considering that the actor said he was open to a spin-off series with the on-screen couple of Mike and Rachel navigating their new life in Seattle. There truly is hope for a renewal of Suits as Patrick J. Adams, Gabriel Macht, Gina Torres, and Sarah Rafferty all hinted at the possibility of one during their mini-reunion at the Golden Globes.