Sydney Sweeney Denies Glen Powell Romance at Her ‘SNL’ Debut

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During the opening host monologue on Saturday Night Live, 26-year-old actress Sydney Sweeney joked about the speculations about her on social media. The actress pointed out that the craziest rumor she ever read about herself was that she was having an affair with her co-star Glen Powell while filming Anyone But You. She affirmed that this was obviously not the case.

There Was No Affair

Sydney also pointed out that since she produced the movie with her fiancé, he was there throughout the entire shoot, so none of it made sense. Still, she added that she wanted to make everyone aware that Jonathan Davino was the man of her dreams, and the two were still together and stronger than ever.

Sydney Sweeney pointed out that Davino was actually with her for the SNL shoot and asked the producers to show him. As part of the joke, the cameras showed the face of Powell, who was in the audience. After a good laugh, Sweeney pointed out that her fiancé was actually in her dressing room.

Powell and Sweeney Are Just Friends

Jonathan Davino has been linked to Sydney Sweeney since 2018, while rumors about a possible affair between her and Powell appeared in early 2023 when photos of the two leaked from the set of Anyone But You in Australia.

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Powell then broke up with Gigi Paris, and some additional and very cute photos of him and Sweeney at CinemaCon sometime later served to further the rumors.

Powell’s Point of View

In a different interview, Glen Powell also had the opportunity to explain his point of view about the alleged affair. He shared how disorienting and unfair it all seemed to him as the rumors occurred so fast and so publicly. Still, he shared that he realized that it was all part of the job.

Sweeney wasn’t so bothered by the rumors as she pointed out that since she and Powell were staring in a rom-com, that’s what people wanted to think, and there was no reason to feel bad about it.