Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes Sealed Their Friendship With a Secret Handshake

Facebook // Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes, the wife of Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes, have been friends for quite a while, and they recently sealed their friendship publicly with an adorable secret handshake.

Taylor Swift and Brittany Mahomes’ Friendship

Brittany Mahomes is the owner of an American sports team and wife of Chiefs’ star quarterback Patrick Mahomes. Taylor Swift, on the other hand, is dating Travis Kelce, who is the team’s tight end. The two girls went to support their partners on a Sunday game against the Los Angeles Chargers, and, of course, the Chiefs won.

When Patrick and Travis jointly scored a touchdown, the girls celebrated with an endearing secret handshake. It definitely gave out Parent Trap vibes, and the two were even matching in red. In the clip, they were shown slapping their hands and bumping their hips, and they also added a jumping chest bump. Before the game, they were practicing their moves in Brittany’s suite. It seems like that’s when they came up with the final handshake.

The New Hollywood Couple

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce are officially Hollywood’s new favorite couple. After the Chiefs’ win, the two were spotted leaving Arrowhead Stadium holding hands. They have been together for almost a month now, and are definitely sweethearts. Swift was also seen wearing a gold friendship bracelet with the number 87 on it, which is Kelce’s jersey number.

Facebook // Travis Kelce

Apparently, Travis is also obsessed with Taylor. When someone from the crowd congratulated Travis on his win, they shouted, “Let’s go, Taylor’s boyfriend!” The football player was obviously happy to hear those words as he proudly pumped his fist. We honestly can’t get enough of this couple’s little moments, and we hope to see more of their romance in the future!