Taylor Swift’s ‘87’ Beanie Has a Sweet Backstory—And a Massive Waitlist

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Taylor Swift has a special bond with her fans, commonly known as Swifties. On the Eras tour, fans have even been exchanging friendship bracelets with each other as it’s almost impossible to get to the singer herself. However, one lucky Swiftie gifted Taylor a personalized “87” beanie that the star wore to a recent Chiefs game, and the beanie has a cute backstory.

Taylor Swift’s Special Chiefs Merch

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably heard about Taylor Swift’s relationship with Chiefs superstar Travis Kelce. Being the supportive girlfriend she is, Taylor has attended quite a few football games this year. But she doesn’t wear just any old clothes; her team has hooked her up with some vintage Chiefs merch so she can stand out in the stadium while supporting her man.

The clothes can be found at Westside Storey, a vintage store in Kansas City. Their social media manager, Kat, who makes crochet clothing and accessories in her free time, is a massive Swiftie. That’s what prompted her to make something special just for Taylor.

The Special Beanie

Kat decided to put “87” on the hat as it is the number on Kelce’s jersey. What’s even more special about the gift is that Kat’s cat was right beside her while she was making the beanie. Any good Swiftie knows how much Taylor Swift loves her own cats as a mom of three felines.

Instagram // @kuttheknit

If you’re wondering why she didn’t go for 13 or 89 (Swift’s birth date and birth year), there is a reason. Kat didn’t want to start any rumors because these are the numbers of Nazeeh Johnson and Matt Bushman, Kelce’s teammates. Taylor appreciated the gesture, and she rocked the beanie at a recent game. To no one’s surprise, Kat is currently busy managing orders on her DePop page and customizing more beanies for Swifties. What good Swiftie wouldn’t want to dress like Taylor?