Charity Lawson Praises Ex Joey Graziadei as One of the Best Bachelors

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Charity Lawson has recently said that Joey Graziadei, her ex, has been a phenomenal lead and arguably one of the best bachelors. She shared that on her Instagram Stories and also added that it was interesting for her to watch the show, knowing what it’s like to be a lead and knowing him. She felt she knew how he was feeling through the entire process and experiencing the related exhaustion.

Joey Graziadei Among the Best Bachelors

Joey had tried to get Charity’s attention during The Bachelorette season 20, but she sent him away during the finale episode in 2023. While Charity chose to accept the proposal from Dotun Olubeko, it was announced that Joey would be the lead of The Bachelor season 28.

Since those events, Joey’s season started airing, and he narrowed down the contestants to Daisy Kent, Kelsey Anderson, and Rachel Nance. So, Charity shared what she thought about them as well. She thinks that they are three amazing and beautiful girls who can bring something unique to a relationship.

Kelsey Has the Best Chances

Lawson noted that she had no idea how Joey’s season would end, but she was rooting for everyone involved to find their happiness and love story. All these comments came shortly after Joey admitted to two of the contestants that he was falling in love. Kelsey also said she loved Joey, to which he responded by saying he was also falling in love with her, and had been for a long time now.

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He even discussed his feelings during an interview, saying that it all started around the time they went to Montreal. This happened during week six, and the trip came after Kelsey had already gotten a one-on-one date with him in Marbella, Spain. Later, Kelsey received another one-on-one date with Joey in Jasper, Canada, so it looks like she has a big chance of being the chosen one that’ll get the ring.