The Fourth Season of Love Is Blind Is on Its Way to Netflix

Love Is Blind is Netflix’s hit reality dating show that regularly delivers juicy content. The news broke recently that seasons 4 and 5 have already been filmed, with episodes of season 4 about to drop on March 24th. Here is everything that is known so far about all the details and what happens next.

Love Is Blind and Its Fourth Season

Fortunately, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, the hosts, were interviewed after the third season to provide some insight into upcoming seasons. It appears that there are even more exciting developments on the horizon. As each new season is filmed in a different city, with previous seasons taking place in Atlanta, Chicago, and Dallas, viewers can expect each installment to have a unique feel. According to the hosts, this approach helps viewers distinguish between each season.

So, when is season 4 of Love Is Blind premiering? The initial release of season 4 will consist of five episodes and is scheduled for Friday, March 24th. Subsequent episodes will air every Friday until the finale. Where was season 4 filmed? It appears that the new season has taken the search for love to the west coast, with Seattle, Washington serving as the filming location. Who will be featured in the cast? The cast has not yet been disclosed, but it has been confirmed that the hosts, Vanessa and Nick Lachey, will be returning for the new season.

Season 4 Is About to Premier

Nick has indicated that viewers can expect more diversity in future seasons of Love Is Blind. During an interview, he explained that while the show has no control over which individuals connect or which relationships progress, the casting has been diverse and is likely to continue to be so. As someone who has been involved with the show since the beginning, Nick has observed how the diversity in casting has been a priority, and according to him, it will continue to be in seasons four and five. He even said that viewers who thought they’d seen everything will be surprised because the seasons will get more unpredictable from here on out.

Nick also stated that season 5 of Love Is Blind had been filmed already. According to him, every single season has been different from the others, and that will make things even more interesting. He also pointed out that this approach allowed the creators to make every season intriguing by itself and with its own fresh attitude and perspective.

It is certainly helpful for contestants in future seasons to learn something new from watching the previous seasons. However, the hosts agree that it would have been interesting to shoot 10 seasons before airing the first ones.