30+ Times Celebrity Kids Rewore Their Famous Parents’ Dresses

This article appeared in sneakertoast.com and has been published here with permission.
Check Out These Times Celebrity Kids Rewore Their Famous Parents’ Dresses, Clothes and Jewelry

If you’re the youngest in your family, you’ll know all about wearing hand-me-downs. But, did you know that celebrities’ children also wear hand-me-downs? We’ve picked our favorite youngsters who have re-worn their parents’ clothes. But, it’s not just actresses lending their kids their frocks. Everyone from Kanye to King Charles III and Queen Victoria to Victoria Beckham recycles clothes or raids their folks’ closets. So, without further ado, let’s meet our thrifty stars.

Courteney Cox & Coco Arquette

In 1998, Friends star Courteney Cox caused a Scream on the red carpet in a purple floral dress while then-husband David Arquette came dressed as Super Mario. Fast forward two decades and their 14-year-old daughter Coco blew off the mothballs and borrowed the vintage piece.

(Left) Daily Mail // WireImage | (Right) Pinterest // @people

Courteney posted a pic of Coco on Instagram, writing, “I’m not one to hold onto things, but this was a damn good purchase! 21 years later…” Not one to hold onto things, Courteney? When you played Monica Gellar, she had a Secret Closet to hide her many clothes!

Salma Hayek & Valentina Pinault

Salma Hayek and her 15-year-old daughter Valentina Pinault both dazzled in complementary red dresses at the 2023 Oscars. But, their choice to match up was even more special because Valentina was sporting her mom’s classic Isaac Mizrahi gown she originally wore all the way back in 1997.

(Left) POPSUGAR // Jim Smeal | (Right) Twitter // @beyzanurapaydin

That means the dress is 11 years older than Valentina! The rumor on the red carpet is that Salma and Valentina looked so great Chris De Burgh was going to re-record his classic song, but this time call it “Ladies in Red”.

Princess Caroline & Charlotte Casiraghi

Model, socialite, writer, journalist, film producer, equestrian, and member of the Monaco royal family, Charlotte Casiraghi is one of the trendiest royals in the world. However, it appears her mother, Princess Caroline of Monaco, beat her to it by decades.

(Left) Pinterest // @eumae | (Right) Pinterest // @voguemagazine

Princess Caroline first wore this gorgeous plunging black embroidered Chanel gown to the Monaco Dances Forum in Monaco in 2000. Then, almost two decades later, Charlotte wore the same frock to the 2017 Monaco Rose Ball, or in French, the Bal de Rose.

Heidi Klum & Leni Klum

German supermodel Heidi Klum wore a little black dress to a 1998 Comic Relief event. Six years later, she gave birth to Italian Formula One team manager Flavio Briatore’s daughter Leni. Then Heidi married English singer Seal and had two more kids with him.

(Left) Facebook // E! Entertainment | (Right) Reddit // u/NoBobcat1850

Seal then adopted little Leni. Fast forward to 2022, and 18-year-old Leni is all grown up and fits into her mom’s clothes. So, she raided Heidi’s closet to wear the same silky dress to her prom in 2022. The color difference is due to camera flashes.