With the Help of A.I., Here’s How These 40+ Celebrities Would Look Without Plastic Surgery

This article appeared in Ballercap and has been published here with permission.

Using A.I., Here’s How Celebrities Would Look With No Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has come a long way from the slice and dice methods that were used decades ago to keep men and women looking young. Nowadays, a facelift can be achieved in your lunch hour using lasers and chemical peels. Celebs are known to turn to plastic surgeons to find new ways to stay young and relevant in an ever-changing industry. While some have never confirmed the rumors that they went under the knife, the changes to their face and skin are clear to see. Using A.I., let’s take a look at the top 40+ celebrities who have done some work to see what they would look like if they had aged naturally.

Diana Ross

Rumors that diva Diana Ross had a few surgeries to keep herself youthful have been around for years. Born in 1944, the singer appears much younger than she is, begging the question if it’s all down to her genes or if she has indeed had work done.

Pinterest // @funnyand

It’s a secret that Ross will never share, but we can guess it’s true by looking at pictures of her, using A.I. technology. In our opinion, to look like Diana at almost 80 would be a miracle!


It certainly seems that singer Cher has her plastic surgeon’s number on speed dial, and judging from the amount of work critics have speculated she’s had done, she’s called her surgeon many times.

Twitter // @JLoY2k

Using age-progression technology, you can see that Cher would’ve looked much more like a mid-70-year-old. But thanks to plastic surgery, Cher looks much younger now than she would if she had aged naturally.

Goldie Hawn

Staying current in Hollywood is something actress Goldie Hawn knows all about. Often overlooked for parts due to her age, many have commented on Hawn’s surgeries like a facelift and fillers to stay youthful and land roles in hit movies.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Pinterest // @feminahu

Goldie herself, however, has never confirmed the rumors and continues to be one of Hollywood’s greats. All we can say is that her smile can still light up a room, and we’re glad that hasn’t changed too much.

Hector Elizondo

Hector Elizondo is one of those actors that doesn’t seem to age. Many fans and critics suggest that he owes his youthful complexion to surgery, but the star has never confirmed or denied the rumors.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) POPSUGAR // Taylor Hill

Looking at A.I. photos of natural age progression, we cannot deny that it looks as if Mr. Elizondo has been under his surgeon’s knife a few times. But boy does he look good, no matter how he did it! And he’s turning 86 this year!

Demi Moore

Bruce Willis’s ex-wife, Demi Moore, has revealed plastic surgery to be the solution to eradicating the signs of aging. Faced with criticism for her completely new look, she’s brushed it off and is proud of how she keeps herself young.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) The Movie Database // Demi Moore

Whatever her reason, Demi looks great for her age and is still one of Hollywood’s most beautiful women. To be honest, she may not have been able to land the roles she’s had in recent years if she aged like A.I. thinks she would’ve. Good for her!

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda used to swear that she owes her youthful look to wonder products and serums from beauty house L’Oreal Paris. However, she’s recently come clean about having had two facelifts to keep herself young and looking fresh.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Shutterstock // Shutterstock

Using A.I. technology, it’s amazing to see what the actress would’ve looked like if she’d never had work done. We think she would’ve been beautiful aging naturally, but she decided to help herself along with some less-than-natural solutions.

Meryl Streep

We absolutely love Meryl Streep, regardless of her age and the rumors of plastic surgery. As one of Hollywood’s biggest actresses, the star has kept herself young and still features in roles in some of Tinseltown’s biggest movies.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Wikipedia // Montclair Film // CC BY 2.0

If you take a look at what the actress would look like if she had aged without plastic surgery, she’s still beautiful. But we have to say, it looks to us like she’s had a bit of a nip and tuck.

Joan Rivers

Comedian and talk-show host Joan Rivers is well-known for her many plastic surgeries and procedures to keep herself looking young, and she doesn’t care who knows! After she passed away at the age of 81, many have wondered how she would’ve looked without the procedures.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @EvaKayMedia

Wonder no more! Now you can see what she would’ve looked like if she had never gone under the knife. Sometimes, maintaining a youthful appearance can come at the cost of looking natural, which was definitely the case with Joan.

Amanda Lepore

From nose jobs to butt implants, model Amanda Lepore has had some form of cosmetic procedure done to almost every single part of her body. Once a fresh-face model revered for her fresh, dewy look, her love of plastic surgery has left her looking completely unrecognizable.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @EvaKayMedia

Thanks to A.I. technology, we can get a glimpse of what this beauty would look like sans plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedures.

Quincy Jones

Music producer and Motown legend Quincy Jones harshly criticized Michael Jackson for turning to plastic surgery to change his complexion. However, it was a bit hypocritical as Jones has had a number of cosmetic surgeries to reduce the signs of aging.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

A.I. technology has allowed us to see how Jones would’ve looked like today without surgeries, and it’s pretty clear from these pictures that the 89-year-old has had work done.

Lisa Rinna

Actress and reality star Lisa Rinna is no stranger to cosmetic surgery and has admitted to having her first lip fillers injected into her lips in her 20s. With a few more fillers added over the years, Rinna finally reduced her lip size in 2010, saying she regretted ever getting it done.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

While her new look is far better, there’s no denying that the actress has forever changed the way she looks. It’s such a shame because left alone, her face would’ve looked beautiful as it was.


The unrivaled Queen of Pop has done her utmost and stayed relevant in an era where age is much more than just a number. Having had countless surgeries over the last few decades, the singer is unrecognizable.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

Thankfully, we have A.I. technology to remind us of her pre-surgery beauty and how she’d look today. While there are still some similarities, she looks like she’s trying to keep herself frozen in the 80s.

Robert Redford

Once one of Hollywood’s heartthrobs, Robert Redford seems to have had some work done to get rid of wrinkles and other signs of aging that come when a man hits a certain age. Of course, Redford denies having had plastic surgery, but the pictures tell us a completely different story.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

Take a look at his photos that show how he would’ve aged naturally, and you decide if his current look is natural. Or, has he too succumbed to the pressures of looking young and gone under the knife.

Larry David

Larry David made a career out of making others laugh. However, it seems that he felt the need to completely rid his face of laugh lines and other issues older celebrities face. Clearly, his solution was plastic surgery.

Aubtu // Margot Nolan

While the actor has never admitted to having any cosmetic surgery, photos of a young Larry David make us question exactly what he’s had done to keep him looking quite youthful in his mid-70s.

Julie Andrews

86-year-old Julie Andrews is known for her incredible beauty. However, this beauty comes at a rather painful price and is rumored to include botox, fillers, eye surgery, and a full facelift.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would tamper with such beauty. It just goes to show that the pressure to stay as youthful as possible is real, and Julie Andrews decided that plastic surgery was the answer.

Carla Bruni

The former first lady of France and singer Carla Bruni certainly knows something about being in the public eye. Resorting to surgery to maintain her youthful appearance, Bruni has undergone more than one procedure to “improve” her looks.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

Take a look at these photos created with A.I. technology to see how the singer would’ve aged naturally. We’ll admit that, while not completely awful, we prefer how she would’ve looked without surgery.

Joan van Ark

Joan van Ark is popular for her role in the soap operas Knots Landing and Dallas. But these days, she’s a far cry from the fresh-faced beauty that graced TV for many years. Having had more than 348 surgeries in her lifetime, the star is completely unrecognizable and looks more like a ghost than anything else.

Pinterest // @vanark

Now we know what she would’ve looked like if she’d skipped surgeries and let nature takes its course – and seeing this, we really wish she’d never done plastic surgery in the first place.

Jessica Lange

Most stars will deny having plastic surgery to change certain facial features, or to beat the clock and the aging process. Jessica Lange is just one of many actresses who vehemently denies having had any cosmetic surgery.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @JLangeDaily

Judging from these pictures, we fear that Ms. Lange is telling a white lie and has most certainly had some form of plastic surgery. At least it’s very subtle and still looks very good.

Morgan Freeman

This one comes as a bit of a shocker. While it’s more common for women to have plastic surgery, some men like Morgan Freeman, chose the cosmetic surgery route to give him that million-dollar smile.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

While gracefully aging is something we should all aspire to, using cosmetic or plastic surgery to correct imperfections isn’t always bad. Morgan Freeman is the perfect example of this. We think he looks pretty darn good, especially for being in his mid-80s!

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford has been known to get women hot under the collar for decades, partly thanks to his good looks. After a plane crash saw the actor sustain lacerations to his face, he turned to plastic surgery to repair the damage and maintain his gorgeous looks.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Wikimedia Commons // Gage Skidmore // CC BY-SA 2.0

Thankfully, there wasn’t any permanent damage, and Harrison still looks pretty good at the age of 80. If we’re honest, the natural and the plastic surgery faces of Harrison look quite similar anyway.

Rita Moreno

West Side Story actress and Emmy Award winner Rita Moreno has good genes to thank for her exotic looks that are responsible for a seven-decade career in Hollywood. The actress, however, denies having had plastic surgery to maintain her looks and says she relies on a good beauty and cleansing routine to keep her skin supple.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

Surgery or not, Rita Moreno looks great for her age! However, we can take a look at these pictures to decide if she’s telling the truth. We’re not sure, but we think she has a very natural, youthful look.

Dolly Parton

America’s sweetheart is quite open about her many plastic surgeries. From breast enhancements to a brow lift and botox treatments, Dolly Parton has had pretty much everything tweaked.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Facebook // Garden Hack

A.I. technology gives us a rare chance to see how Ms. Parton would look without plastic surgery, and the results are simply astonishing. She would have looked fantastic! Instead, she now looks young and… unnatural.

Melanie Griffiths

Being married to a heartthrob like Antonio Banderas might be just one reason that this actress needs plastic surgery to maintain her looks. Having had fillers, botox, and what many believe to be a facelift, the effects of cosmetic surgery on Meanie Griffiths’ appearance are pretty clear.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

Take a look at how she would look today if she’d never gone under the knife. Not that we think she looks terrible as she is now! She would’ve just had a more real, natural, look without it.

Michael Caine

Even men like Michael Caine can’t escape the pressure of stardom and the need to remain young and relevant. Rumored to have had several procedures over the years, the actor has at least maintained a bit of his pre-surgery look.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

Should he have skipped the surgery? Or do you believe it was a good call? To be fair, he looks almost exactly the same as what the A.I. thought he would look like.

Barry Manilow

“Mandy” singer Barry Manilow has always been attractive. However, has he gone too far with having plastic surgery? When is it time to stop and say “enough?”

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @barrymanilow

Manilow, like many other celebrities, has chosen plastic surgery as a way to reduce the signs of aging. Was this a good choice? We’re not sure about you, but we prefer the natural look much more.

Diane Keaton

Actress Diane Keaton is one of America’s golden girls and still has a very active career. So why did she feel the need to change her look and have plastic surgery? While she denies ever having any form of plastic surgery, doctors agree that her skin is simply too perfect for a woman of her age.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

Looking at these pictures, do you think she’s had work done? Or does she just have a good facial therapist on call? We know what our grandmas looked like at 76 years old, and to be honest, they weren’t nearly as glamorous as Diane.

Britney Spears

Finding fame in your teens is extremely difficult, as you navigate your younger years in the public eye. One star who knows all about the pressures of public life is Britney Spears. Despite the pressure to remain youthful, the singer has denied she’s had plastic surgery.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

Post conservatorship, however, she’s hinted at the possibility of getting a breast augmentation. Is she putting on a front, or is her look 100% natural?

Jackie Chan

The pressure is a lot for stars like Jackie Chan, who allegedly had eye surgery after a casting agent said he looks too Asian for certain roles. We’re not sure what the agent meant by this, but Jackie Chan seems to have taken this criticism to mean he should change his look.

Worldtravelling // Amy J.

If you look at how the star would look without his plastic surgery, we think there’s absolutely nothing wrong! Although, we can’t say anything negative about how he looks now either.

Mickey Rourke

Once an idol for teen girls around the world, Mickey Rourke has all but lost his good looks as he changed his face with numerous plastic surgeries. While we can’t say for sure if he still would’ve landed as many roles as he aged, we can say that too many surgeries have left the actor looking worse for wear.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

Here’s how he’d look now, had he not had plastic surgery. Astonishing! He’d look like a completely normal, older, man… and less like a somewhat melted candle. Too bad.

Michael Jackson

From suffering from the skin condition vitiligo to countless rhinoplasty procedures, Michael Jackson was known for his love of plastic surgery. While he didn’t hide the fact that he had many procedures, many questioned how he would’ve looked today had he not had any work done.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @time2bakitup

We now have a better idea of how Michael Jackson would look without surgery… Honestly, he would’ve looked a lot like the rest of his siblings. However, after the plastic surgery, he was unrecognizable.

George Takei

A fierce critic of other stars who have gone under the knife, rumors are that George Takei has also had plastic surgery in a bid to stay young. The Star Trek actor is known for his rants against celebrities on Twitter but stays mum on the possibility that he’s had any work done.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Wikipedia // Super Festivals //CC BY 2.0

Looking at the pre vs. post-surgery pictures, we aren’t too convinced that Mr. Takei is telling the truth. How many 85-year-olds do you know that look as good as George?

Dame Judi Dench

Dame Judi Dench claims she’s never had plastic surgery and that she now considers herself too old to even think of going under the knife. In that case, what’s her secret to looking great, and can we really believe everything we read on the internet?

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) The Cut // Sarah Spellings

You decide if you believe her when you look at these pictures of her natural age progression, using A.I. technology. We must say, we’re quite impressed by how similar these two pictures actually look.

Burt Reynolds

Ladies’ man Burt Reynolds is one of the unfortunate ones who had a bad experience with plastic surgery that left him looking a little worse for wear. Sustaining less than desirable damage after a facelift, fans and critics were shocked to see significant changes in the actor’s eyes after the rumors of plastic surgery.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad Girl

Take a look at the pictures and see for yourself. While he didn’t age badly at all and looked pretty good for an 82-year-old, we prefer his original face.

Dame Maggie Smith

Dame Maggie Smith has enjoyed a lucrative career on-screen. Is this perhaps why she turned to plastic surgery? To maintain a certain look? While both the Harry Potter star and her agent deny that she’s had work done, we can’t help but notice the difference in her appearance.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @GalwayGirl2505

Do you see it? In our opinion, she looks much better as she is now, whether plastic surgery was involved or not. Doesn’t she just bring such great memories of excellent movies to your mind?

John Travolta

Grease catapulted small-time actor John Travolta into the limelight. With a career spanning many decades, the star went on to make many feature films. Unfortunately for Travolta, the pressures of looking good took a toll on the actor as he resorted to plastic surgery.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Facebook // John Travolta

Comparing natural age-progression photos with his current appearance, there’s no doubt the actor has had more than one procedure to stay youthful. However, we can’t say we hate it – he definitely still has something to his look!

Donatella Versace

The world of fashion can be brutal. For a woman who spends her days designing clothing for the rich and fabulous, there’s a certain pressure to look good. It seems that this pressure was just too much for Versace to handle, as she all but changed her once-beautiful features to something quite unrecognizable.

Quora // Rshid_e

Do you prefer Donatella natural or with surgery? We find ourselves thinking that she looks a bit like a cartoon with everything she’s had done. To each their own, we guess.

Dionne Warwick

Dionne Warwick does a little bit more than just put on her make-up to look good. Rumors are that the songstress has had several cosmetic procedures to keep her skin looking youthful.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Wikimedia Commons // Montclair Film //CC BY 2.0

While we’re all for doing what makes you happy, we do wonder why this beauty felt it necessary to have work done when she clearly doesn’t need it. Oh well, she’d be beautiful either way.

Daryl Hannah

Fresh-faced beauty Daryl Hannah did all she could to stop the clock by investing her money into her looks. Plastic surgery is a drastic measure that she didn’t need, but only she knows why she felt the need to change her appearance.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) IMDb // Daryl Hannah

Looking at her photos, you’ll see that Ms. Hannah is a beautiful woman. Perhaps celebrity and stardom took their toll by forcing her to undergo cosmetic procedures?


Brazilian singer Gretchen is just one of many women who’ve had too much plastic surgery. Once revered for her beauty, the singer has lost the youthful look she once had.

Pinterest // @rshide

While we understand the pressure to look good, we wonder about the costs involved and how this affects the aging process. We can’t help but feel she now just looks fake – and it’s such a shame!

Helen Mirren

If aging gracefully were a person, it would be Helen Mirren. At age 75, the star has spoken out about loving her features, even with the fine lines and wrinkles of aging.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Wikimedia Commons // Harald Krichel //CC BY 3.0

While rumors are not something we usually ignore, we do agree that Mirren does look fantastic and that it’s just down to good genes. What a lucky lady – talent and good looks!

Renée Zellweger

Renée Zellweger burst into the public consciousness by playing the relatable and quirky Bridget Jones navigating the perils of adulthood. What made her especially iconic was her unique face, which had us all charmed with its sweetness.

Confessiunileuneifeterele // Confessions of a Bad

In 2020, though, she suddenly appeared to look like a completely different person, probably due to plastic surgery. Thanks to the power of A.I., we can see what this beloved actress would have looked like if she had aged naturally — and it’s adorable!

Nicole Kidman

The fabulous Nicole Kidman has vehemently denied ever having gotten plastic surgery. She did, however, admit to having undergone some work to smooth her face (though, she says she has stopped getting that procedure done).

Quora // Rshid_e

However, when you compare her current photos to the A.I. ones, it’s pretty evident that she doesn’t look her age in real life. Honestly, we absolutely adore both versions of this actress — the computer-generated one, and the real one.

Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox might have been at her prime in the ‘90s and 2000s, but this super talented and beautiful actress is still a long way away from being irrelevant. Unlike many, Cox often talks about the many surgeries she has had to alter her face.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Vanity Fair // David M. Benett

She’s been very vocal about regretting all the work she has had done on her, and we can see why. A.I. has allowed us to see exactly how wonderfully and gracefully she would have aged without any of those procedures!

Tom Hanks

Online sources are pretty confident that award-winning actor Tom Hanks has had a few things done to him to make him look smoother as he ages. Thanks to a change in his facial fat distribution, fans are convinced he had gotten a facelift at some point.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Yahoo // Marc Piasecki

Well, if you go by the A.I. image, that could definitely be true. Although we have to say, we think he looks equally great and wholesome in both images. As long as he keeps being so heartwarming, we really don’t care what he looks like!

Tom Cruise

It’s hard to imagine that Tom Cruise could naturally look this great without getting some (plastic surgery) to help combat the effects of getting older. That’s mainly because fans are convinced that the actor has gotten work done.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @DiscussingFilm

Based on this A.I. image, what do you think — has Tom changed his features through surgery? There’s one thing we know for sure, Tom Cruise definitely had work done on his teeth to transform them into the perfectly straight, pearly whites they are today.

John Stamos

Though quickly approaching the age of 60, John Stamos continues to look like Uncle Jesse from Full House, the heartthrob we all fell in love with. This partially has to do with his rugged good looks.

Pinterest // @rshide

Comparing him to the A.I. image, you can definitely tell they don’t look all that much alike — although those shiny eyes definitely give it away. From this, we’re pretty sure he got a nose job at some point and maybe even a few fillers.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile actors out there. Just look at his very different roles in Fight Club or Ocean’s Eleven, and you’ll see how he transforms himself for every character.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Pinterest // @thecut

It seems that’s not the only thing he has changed about himself over the years. Many fans believe that he has gotten quite a bit of work done to look this great at his age. Just look at the A.I. image — is that proof enough?

Cameron Diaz

There’s something about Cameron Diaz — something that makes us marvel at her beauty and talent. She’s also very open with her fans, as she has talked about how strange the few fillings she had gotten made her look and feel.

Quora // Rshid_e

We really think she would have looked just as lovely if she had aged naturally, and the A.I. pic definitely proves it. Even so, there’s no denying that Diaz is still a stunner.

Halle Berry

Halle Berry has certainly talked about how she manages to look this good in interviews, claiming that exercise and maintaining a healthy diet play a big part. While both are definitely part of her youthful appearance, fans believe she has also had some work done.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) IMDb // Halle Berry

The main rumor centers around her having gotten rhinoplasty to reshape her nose at some point in her career. Judging from her A.I. photo, she clearly would have aged amazingly with or without surgical help.

Meg Ryan

Rom-com queen of the ‘80s, Meg Ryan was absolutely stunning in her many leading roles. But, those who loved her at the time would be completely shocked by the transformation her face would undergo over the years.

Quora // emily_she

The A.I. image definitely helps us see that some things were definitely altered in her charming features. Either natural or with work done, she looks fabulous and we can’t wait to see this queen on the silver screen again.

Pierce Brosnan

This suave spy has definitely captured our hearts over the years. He’s definitely as charming as ever as he nears his 70th birthday. Though he has denied plastic surgery rumors, Pierce Brosnan has admitted to getting his teeth fixed.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @TheNerdsofColor

Considering the difference between his A.I. photo and his real one (mainly how many more wrinkles he actually has), we think that’s probably right. We’re still pretty sure he has a cosmetician on call to keep his skin this clear.

Hugh Grant

While Hugh Grant vehemently denies ever getting any feature-altering procedures, the fact that he has aged so gracefully hasn’t gone unnoticed. Not just his fans, but the actor’s co-stars have stated that they believe he has gotten work done.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Shutterstock // Magnus Sundholm

There’s certainly a stark difference between the A.I. image and the real deal. In fact, the man in the generated photo looks like he could be Hugh Grant’s father! That’s pretty impressive!

Colin Firth

Colin Firth’s good looks certainly have fans around the world divided. Many people are positive that he has gotten quite a few cosmetic procedures — while others absolutely disagree, claiming that the actor’s beautiful aging is all-natural.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Instagram // @rougeartists

Surprisingly, in this case, the A.I. doesn’t help us determine if the actor has indeed changed his features artificially. However, it’s certainly possible that the actor has gotten some fillers under his eyes. Don’t you think?

Simon Cowell

Here’s another celeb who has never denied changing his face. Simon Cowell has been quite vocal in the past about the many tweaks he has gotten over the years, like a facelift in 2018 and tons of facials.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @Idonthavezayn

It seems that even Simon himself wants to look more like the man in the A.I. image, as he has shared that he’s stopping all plastic procedures and taking out his fillers. He said that this was due to him looking at a photo of himself and thinking he looked like something out of a horror film.

Tori Spelling

This is certainly a strange case — Tori Spelling has been quite open in the past about getting certain procedures (like a nose job). However, when new rumors turned up in 2021 after she posted photos that looked nothing like her, Tori was quick to deny them.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Pinterest // @parademag

Instead, she claims that her new look is all thanks to the magic of makeup and the incredible contouring skills of her makeup artist. Looking at the A.I. generated photo, we have a pretty hard time believing that.

Priscilla Presley

Once the wife of one of the world’s greatest singers, Priscilla Presley turned to acting to make her money. However, her love of looking good simply became too much as she had one plastic surgery after the other.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Pinterest // @celebrityborn

We can’t bear to look at the photos and see the changes she has gone through over the years. It’s such a shame because she really was such a beauty and likely would’ve aged well.

Sir Ian McKellen

Not Even Gandalf can escape plastic surgery rumors. However, actor Ian McKellen maintains he’s never had surgery. He has even boldly stated that men should stay away from botox.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Wikimedia Commons // Gage Skidmore // CC BY-SA 2.0

We agree, Sir, and we think you look fabulous – wrinkles and all! We’d even go so far as to say that the fact that he looks so natural is his best feature.

Robert DeNiro

Robert De Niro is undoubtedly one of the best actors in Hollywood. While rumors that the actor had plastic surgery have been around for years, De Niro maintains that he’s all natural and loves his face – no matter how old he gets.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Twitter // @EnStars

Take a look at our natural progression and determine for yourself if he has, indeed, skipped surgery for a natural appearance. So what do you think? We reckon, no matter what he has – or hasn’t – done, that Robert looks great for his age.

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Her husband’s love of cats is said to be behind the many drastic changes that have left this socialite looking less than desirable. Still, Jocelyn Wildenstein continues to have surgeries regardless.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Pinterest // @dailymail

This is one of the most fascinating age progressions to date. It really highlights the horrific outcomes of botched plastic surgery jobs. Yikes! There’s nothing more we can really say about this one.

James Earl Jones

Darth Vader took on a new look with rumored changes resulting from plastic surgery. However, many fans are divided and feel that the actor hasn’t had anything done.

(Left) FaceApp | (Right) Instagram // @wiznationcincy

We’ll let you be the judge, as you compare these pictures using A.I. technology to show the natural age progression James Earl Jones should’ve gone through if he didn’t have surgery.