45 Wildest Outfits Celebs Have Worn to Music Award Shows Over the Years

This article appeared in www.thefashionball.com and has been published here with permission.
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When you’re dressing for a very public event, you want to make sure you look eye-catching. For celebrities, drawing attention is a part of the gig. These stars definitely knew how to draw the camera’s attention. As awards season rolled around, these stars wore their weirdest and wildest outfits to different music award shows.

Grace Jones — 1983 VMAs

If there’s one thing that model, singer, and actress Grace Jones knows how to do, it’s to draw attention when she walks into a room.

Twitter // @mefeater

At the 1983 VMAs, she brought her signature Avant-garde approach to fashion with this look. The most eye-catching thing about this look — aside from the space-age outline of the outfit — is the ultra-wide hat brim. Rick James even stopped to pose under it at one point!

Madonna — 1990 VMAs

In 1990, when Madonna attended the VMAs, she rocked a look that no one really saw coming from the pop queen at the time. It’s one few could forget.

Photo by Frank Micelotta // Getty Images

When Madonna came on stage to perform “Vogue”, the singer had chosen one of the wildest ensembles of the night that better resembled the French Revolution than the ’90s pop scene. Like many performances, Madonna and her coordinated dancers somehow pulled the look off.

Pamela Anderson — 1999 VMAs

Pamela Anderson is well-versed in catching the camera’s eye when she hits the red carpet. The 1999 VMAs were no different.

Twitter // @MIUCClAMUSE

One of her wildest looks from the awards show season relied on a variety of textures and patterns that definitely falls under the “maximalist” approach to fashion. The star wore sequined, patterned pants paired with a white corset and — perhaps the real focal point — an oversized, pink, fluffy hat.

Jennifer Lopez — 2000 Grammys

Awards shows are a great chance to show off the best designer looks on the red carpet. Jennifer Lopez really changed things with this green dress. The star wore the plunging green dress to the 200 Grammys.

Reddit // u/HiccupHaddockismine

If the executive chairman of Google Eric Schmidt is to be believed, we can even thank this dress in part for the existence of Google Images. As for J.Lo herself, she said, “It was a nice dress. I had no idea it was going to become such a big deal.”