All The Times Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Have Trolled Each Other

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Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds Trolling Eachother

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively are one of Hollywood’s most well-loved couples. Part of the fondness comes from their public persona as a couple who dotes on each other but also knows how to joke around. Here are all the times that Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively have kept us entertained by trolling one another.

A Healthy Relationship

When Reynolds was doing a round of press tours for Detective Pikachu, he stopped by Live with Kelly and Ryan for an interview. Inevitably, he was asked about the frequent online trolling with Lively.

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As an answer, he shared an old family adage. He quoted his dad saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, say something embarrassing.” He said that was how he and Lively “rolled.” When asked if this was the sign of a healthy relationship, he said he thinks it is.

Should She Worry?

Sometimes, Reynolds and Lively walk the red carpet with other people. For example, the co-stars they’ve worked with on big films like Woman In Gold, in which Reynolds worked with Helen Mirren.

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When the two were photographed together, someone caught this sweet shot of Reynolds smiling at Mirren. Lively was quick to join in the conversation, sharing the picture with the caption, “Should I be concerned that my husband’s never looked at me this way?”

Happy Birthday!

As we’ve seen, Reynolds and Lively’s favorite time to roast each other is on their birthdays. This time, Lively posted a photo of Reynolds with his actor pal Ryan Gosling.

Twitter // @blakelively

However, she decided it would be fun to crop her husband out of the photo almost entirely! What better birthday wishes can you ask for? Those two never cease to bring out the humor.

Sweet Revenge

Of course, Reynolds couldn’t just let the image of Gosling on his birthday slide without incident. However, he was willing to wait patiently in order to get his revenge on his wife.

Twitter // @VancityReynolds

He waited for her birthday to come around, and offered a heartfelt “Happy birthday to my amazing wife.” The post included a picture of the couple on the red carpet together – and he made sure to almost completely crop her out of the picture.