Do People Actually Need to Use New Anti-Aging Pillows?

A new beauty sleep skin hack has taken over TikTok, and it promises amazing effects through the use of anti-aging pillows. However, the question is if this trend actually has an effect on health, beauty, and fitness. So, here is the scientific research that uncovers the truth and safety behind the viral new online advice.

Do Anti-Aging Pillows Work?

Snuggling up in bed and enjoying a good night’s rest can be a wonderful experience. It is common to wake up with lines or wrinkles on your face after sleeping deeply. These lines on the cheeks are not just an indication of sound sleep but can also lead to the development of fine lines or wrinkles over time. There is a way to prevent these sleep lines and wrinkles without worrying about how to protect the skin. A quick look at TikTok will reveal that some users have found a hack to avoid these pesky lines and wrinkles by using popular anti-aging pillows. These silk-lined pillows with a hollowed center and two side flanks help keep the head positioned upright, preventing sleep lines and wrinkles.

The Pillows Have a Positive Effect

Anti-aging sleep pillows are designed to reduce wrinkles caused by side and stomach sleeping. Unlike standard pillows, they have a unique shape that keeps the neck and head cradled in a position that doesn’t allow for sleeping on your side. These pillows vary in shape to minimize contact with the face and prevent deep cheek wrinkles in the morning. The idea behind these pillows is that wrinkles can be caused by the distortion of facial structures from pillow contact at night. Anti-aging pillows are designed to make users sleep on their backs to reduce pressure on the skin and prevent lines and indentations. They are typically silk-lined for additional skin benefits.

So, do anti-aging pillows really help prevent sleep lines or wrinkles? The short answer is yes. The entire idea behind these pillows is to reduce the appearance of swelling and sleep lines by relieving the pressure caused by the face being pressed into or making extended contact with the pillow throughout the night. According to experts, anti-aging pillows are effective in reducing the appearance of sleep lines and preventing wrinkles, so it seems they really work. They are designed to encourage back sleeping and decrease face puffiness, sleep wrinkles, and creases, and can even help reduce acne by reducing the tugging of the skin by the fabric.

The safety of using anti-aging sleep pillows has been questioned due to the possibility of suffocation. However, there is no inherent danger associated with using these pillows as long as they are used by adults. Though the pillows may seem uncomfortable, they are safe to use throughout the night.