These Are 2024’s Best Cities in the World, According to a New Survey

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From price range and local food to culture and nightlife, cities across the globe are being surveyed by Time Out for their annual Best Cities in the World list. The 2024 ones are not only great places to visit, but they are also perfect to move to. The most surprising part is that a total of nine American cities made it to the list!

The Top U.S. Cities

Having considered all the factors above, Time Out announced that New York City is the best destination for 2024. About 15% of the people who took part in the survey said they’d love to live there due to the museums, fun nightlife, and variety of once-in-a-lifetime activities such as seeing famous Broadway shows.

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Another American city on the list was Chicago, which got 14th place. Los Angeles is 17th, followed by Miami at 23rd, San Francisco at 37th, New Orleans at 40th, Philadelphia at 41st, Austin at 42nd, and Boston at 43rd.

Other Popular Destinations

Thanks to its stunning views and beautiful beaches, Cape Town in South Africa is second on the list and ranked the highest for cultural events. Visitors can attend the Cape Town Art Fair in February and the First Thursday program in the summer. The local food is also great, and you can find a variety of regional specialties at the Time Out Market Cape Town.

European cities are also worth considering for your next trip after three of them completed the top five list. Berlin was third in place, popular for its nightlife spots like Monster Ronson’s Ichiban Karaoke. London ranked fourth for its free museums, beautiful parks, and local pubs. The people in London are also among the happiest in Europe despite the gloomy and rainy weather. Madrid’s famous dining spots helped the city snatch the fifth place. The top 10 list also included Mexico City, Liverpool, Tokyo, Rome, and Porto.