A Beginner’s Guide to Community-Based Travel

Pexels // @cottonbro studio

If you’re about to travel to a country with a different culture and traditions, it’s important to do some research to get the full experience. In this article, we’ll share a few tips on how to completely immerse yourself in local culture and support the communities.

Travel to Learn the History From the Locals

Taking time to learn more about the history of the place you’re traveling to can make your stay even more meaningful and interesting. The more you know, the better you’ll be able to adapt to the new culture, and the faster locals will accept you. Also, doing research can help you find less-known areas to visit, enabling you to support small businesses instead of chains or businesses not owned by people from that community.

If you want to travel to all those hidden places that not many know about, a local tour guide will be your best friend. Also, by booking a tour, you’ll show that there is a high demand for employment. Locals can share stories, answer your questions, and help you get to know the place.

Travel During Low Season and Stay in Local Accomodations

If you decide to travel during the low season, you’ll have a bigger chance of visiting all the places you want without feeling the pressure of overcrowding. Also, you’ll likely be able to benefit from lower prices because of the lack of visitors. By visiting in the off-peak season, you will support regions on low incomes. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!

Forget about all-inclusive resorts when you travel. Instead, support the locals and stay at community-owned hotels and guesthouses. At those places, you’ll get to know your hosts, immerse yourself in their world, and get recommendations on spots to visit. Also, you’ll have an amazing breakfast while supporting the local producers.

Spend in Local Businesses, Including Souvenirs

If you want the community to benefit from your visit, buy products from local shops and dine at local restaurants. This way, your money will go straight into local businesses. Also, you’ll have precious memories from your vacation. Rest assured, you’ll feel great, and people will appreciate your help.

Pexels // Subhasish Baidya

Spending money on mass-produced souvenirs found in airports and stations is a big no. Instead, go for souvenirs handcrafted by small producers and artisans. By doing so, you’ll support people’s hard work and talent and encourage them to keep going. What you buy from a small local business will have more value to you as you’ll know that someone has put a lot of time and dedication into creating it.