Italian Region Will Pay You to Move There as Long as You’re the Right Age

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People who are daydreaming about escaping their current place and soaking up the Italian sun in the stunning Calabria region are in for a treat. Calabria, often called the “toe” of Italy, is rolling out its active residency income scheme to lure folks in. The only catch is that the offer is only available to people under 40.

A Picturesque Italian Region

Calabria is like a postcard-worthy Italian region, famous for its gorgeous beaches and mountains. It’s got all the charm of the Amalfi Coast but without the usual hustle and bustle. To sweeten the deal, they’re offering incentives of up to $32,000 to tempt young folks to this beautiful place.

But there are a few strings attached. First, people have to be willing to make the move within 90 days. Plus, it helps to have some business savvy. The local authorities are keen on reviving small communities and boosting the regional economy, so newbies are encouraged to either start a business that helps the area or fill job openings in restaurants, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and shops.

Only Young People Can Apply

Successful applicants might get their incentives in monthly payments of up to $1,225 spread over three years or as a lump sum to kickstart a new business. The action happens in villages with populations of around 2,000 residents or less, offering a taste of the real Calabrian charm.

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Councillor Gianluca Gallo is the brains behind this plan, aimed at preventing small towns from fading away, which he thinks are the heart of the region. The goal is to match job demand with supply, and the villages have been asked to identify the kinds of professionals they need to attract. Around $760,000 is set aside for this active residency income scheme, and if this trial run works out, more opportunities might open up in the years to come. People who find living in the Italian region of Calabria and enjoying the sun, sea, and culture appealing should consider the possibilities laid out in this unique offer.