Charter a Luxury Gulet for a Sailing Trip Down the Mediterranean

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A nice activity for a family vacation along Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast is sailing in the waters and exploring the beauty of this part of the world by spending a week on a traditionally styled sailing vessel called a gulet. Gulets are broad-beamed boats that are associated with Turkey’s Turquoise Coast, where they were historically used for fishing and freight by the Ottomans.

Sailing the Mediterranean

Recently, gulet sailing boats have gained popularity with yacht enthusiasts in the eastern Mediterranean. Currently, there are hundreds of gulets available for charter in the various areas around the huge sea, but they are not very well-known to everyone around the world. The boat’s name is pronounced goo-let, and travel companies are now arranging more trips than ever before with this special vessel.

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Gulets are also perfect for people who like to be alone and offer plenty of outdoor space. They can be docked in tiny harbors and are authentic to the region. Bookings for gulets have increased during the past few years, and this year is no exception. Part of the charm is that people can book a luxury gulet with a crew to take care of guests at a third of the cost of renting a yacht.

So Much to See

Many pretty towns can serve as a starting point for a gulet sailing boat trip. Once it is off and in the sea, passengers can experience the blissful routine of sleeping in, swimming, paddling, eating, and cruising to different ports that offer so much in terms of scenery, history, cuisine, and entertainment.

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Along the coasts of the Mediterranean, many locations stand out with their interesting history, and a trip to check them all out can take years. That’s why renting a gulet can be done again and again in different years and different periods, and the experience will never cease offering new things to travelers.

Evenings on a Gulet

Evenings on a gulet are quite charming, and the diversity of food and drinks on the coast always pulls the passengers to return for a while. Those who need some rest can easily get it back in their cabin, where they can enjoy some peace and quiet.

Renting a gulet boat comes with many benefits — like swimming, snoozing, sightseeing, and adventuring — and is something everyone should consider trying, especially when visiting Europe’s Mediterranean coast.